Pascale Cathérine Perard

Pascale Catherine Perard was born 1974 in Antwerp. Her professional career started with various sales positions at the Maison Cartier, the global leader in luxury goods.

For 11 years, she was Business Development and Marketing Manager at one of the leading Out of Home Media Agencies based in Brussels, where she was responsible for corporate clients such as Belgacom and Electrabel.

Pascale won various Awards, including the Fortis Marketing Award for her marketing research at the Belgian Foundation for Marketing.

During her two year tenure as Director of ‘Stichting Recht en Vermogen’, a Belgian Foundation for Law and Estate Planning, she managed the growth and all pillars of the organisation.

She is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the author of three  novels. Her feature film was nominated for the Film Festivals of Marbella and Nice.

Pascale is responsible for marketing and  project management at the Alexofin office. She offers professional coaching (ICF Certified) and workshops. For more information: